Have you ever been up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? Over the summer I went to Paris and went up the Eiffel Tower.
Now, I am scared out of my wits when it comes to heights, so naturally I wanted to go up in the lifts, but the line for the lifts was 3 hours long! Luckily there was a line that was only 25 minutes long for the steps to viewing platform 1 & 2! Because I am terrified of heights I really didn't want to walk up the steps. Fortunately, the steps didn't take you too high. So I walked up the steps to the first viewing platform and had a melt down. I have no idea how I got to the second viewing platform without crying! Then I had to go up in a lift to the top viewing platform. When I got to the top viewing platform, wow! What a view! You could see the whole of Paris! 

Have you ever conquered a fear before? If so, please tell me!



Nicolas Enrique
03/13/2013 13:00

Dear Abi
​Hi I really liked your blog about when you went to Paris and when you got inside. My dream is to go live in Paris. Do you wanna now why? If. You want to hear is because when I grow up I wanna play tennis and a tournament is in London and London is near Paris. What inspired you to go to the Eiffel Tower? It was tall or not so tall? My cousin and grandma all ready whent to Paris and I dont. Keep going and I will check your new interesting information aout you!!!!!!! good by.

03/13/2013 13:15

Dear Abi,
I really like your blog!!!!!!!! It’s awesome!!!! Your blog has really interesting things but, the one that catch more my eyes was the one about your trip to Paris, France. I always wanted to go to Paris.
Was it fun? Was it scary? Did you have fun?

03/13/2013 18:22

Dear Abi,
Hi Abi I love how you described how you felt when you climbed the Eiffel Tower. The pictures that you took from outside the Eiffel Tower and from where you stood were very cool.Do you have any little sister or brother, if so were they also scared?

03/15/2013 02:08

Hi Abi when I was reading I imagined how high did you had to walk but at the end it was worth the try . When I went to New York I had to go up a tower with more than 100 levels first I was a little scared but when I got to the top I saw the view and I forgot.

​Have this happend to you that you are scared but then you are having so much fun that you forget?

03/15/2013 10:49

Hi aby i think that was so cool . i wish 1 day i went to paris .
did you have fun?

04/06/2013 04:39

I love your pictures of Paris. I think it is where I want to go most of anywhere in the world. Great job on the blog!

08/05/2013 10:48

Hello Abi,
Wow!! seems like you have had an amazing time going up the eifell tower in paris. I have some family that live in france but im not sure they live in paris. I live in England in great britain. I would love to go up the eifell tower seen as iv never beeen up before.
Keep blogging in the future.
Chloe and Jack.


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