Questions on Going up Eiffel Tower:

Was it fun? Was it scary? Did you have fun? – Agustina

After I got to the top it was really impressive. You could see the whole of Paris! My mum and dad pointed out the sights we would be seeing on the trip. And the best bit was that it was so clear on the day I went up the Eiffel tower. So yes, I did have fun and yes, it was kind of scary!

Do you have any little sister or brother, if so were they also scared?

-       Gaby

I have a little brother (8 years old then) but he was not as scared as me, because he likes trying out weird things and he loves roller-coasters unlike me.

What inspired you to go to the Eiffel Tower? It was tall or not so tall?

-       Nicolas Enrique

I thought about saying I didn’t want to go up the Eiffel Tower using the stairs, but then I thought I had gone up the Tokyo Tower and it wouldn’t be so bad going up the stairs. And plus the view would be amazing and I didn’t want my family to miss this huge opportunity. The view was amazing.

Have this happened to you that you are scared but then you are having so much fun that you forget? – Sylvana

Not really is my answer. Yes, if you count nervousness. Once in PE class we were playing softball and I am really bad at being the batter, I stuck out the first time. But then I was having so much fun cheering on my friends that I soon forgot my nervousness.

Question on Big Pebble Beach:

Was it the clearest beach you have seen? – Gaby

Yes it was. I go to Bali (Indonesia) a lot and the sea there is full of plastic bags and rubbish. Once my dad found a bamboo stick that was taller then him in the water (My dad is 6 foot four).

Questions on Short Story Competition:

How can you have so much creativity? – Valerie

I think it’s because my mum and dad have always encouraged me to try different things and so I got a lot of opinions about different things in the world, and so sometimes when I feel like my opinion is different to some other people I like to write stories about it!



03/15/2013 10:50

Hi Abi,
I do have a little sister but, I never went to Paris yet. I'm going to go this summer vacations (on July). I hope I have lot's of fun.
Can you tell some thin gs you can do their??
Thank you,


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