In our first PE lesson, we were told that we would have a Cross Country race near the end of half-term. If you know me well I don't like running that much! 

Anyway, the next few PE lesson we trained for Cross Country. I soon realised I wasn't the last person in but I wasn't the first person in. Which was good as I was in the middle of the fast runners and slow runners.

Soon, it was time to do it for real run. All of this is done in Houses. There are four houses all named after parrots: Kakas, Keas, Cockas and Mackaws. My brother and I are in Keas. So we all got into our different house 'pens' and waited there. I was really nervous. Because our race was second to last I was getting even more nervous by each minute that was passing by. 

Finally, it was Year 6's turn to run. I knew I wasn't going to win any medals as I'm not that good at running. So there we stood, in a line, waiting for it to start. And GO! was all I heard. I started running at a slow pace so I wouldn't be tired as quickly as the others. My friend Iona was in front of me (she's a Kea), and as we got to the end I realised I had to sprint, so I did. I got in front to Iona and 2 other people but as soon as I was there I saw a blur of blue sprinting beside me. It was Olivia. She is the best at running. I couldn't overtake her.

I came into the finish line and was handed a number. I looked down and was so excited! My number was 18th! Out of 65! I was really surprised. I was the 6th, 7th girl to come in. 

After this we were going to find out which house had won. The points were like this: I came 18th, Iona came 20th so our points in total was 38. Whichever house had the lowest points would win. And here came the moment it would be announced. Who won?


We all started celebrating as our Heads of Houses went to collect the trophy. 

Have you done anything that you've not enjoyed but found out that you did quite well? IF 
Hi guys! Sorry I have not been blogging for ages but I have been busy  settling in to JKS. As you might know I have started boarding school at JKS in Canterbury, Kent, England. I really haven't had time to blog as I barely have time to Skype my parents!

So far I am LOVING boarding school. I absolutely LOVE it! JKS is fantastic and is a lovely school. The education is really good and the boarding staff are so nice. 
I love school a lot it's been loads of fun.

Have you ever moved to a new school? If you have please tell me through comments!

I signed up for The Jungle Book Musical Theatre After School Activity at Easter time. 

The ASA ( Short for After School Activity) was held in the auditorium. There were loads of us! At the first lesson we had to audition if we wanted a part. My friend and I both auditioned. Unfortunately we had to wait a few days before we knew if we got a part or not. I knew if I was going to get a part it wouldn't be one of the three main characters. I was correct. I got the part of Kaa the Snake's head or as Mr. Dil (the director) called it 'Kaa 1'. It was so much fun as all of Kaa were my friends. We had to sing one whole song together. I enjoyed it so much.

The day before the performance, when we went to have Performing Arts class, Mr Dil was folding the programes. It was also on the smart-board. As I was reading through it I  suddenly saw something. On the program it said some other things then it said 'Starring: (Some other people's names) Abi Brooke ( Some more names). I was so surprised I couldn't say anything. It was so cool. Only my name out of all the Kaa's was on there. I felt really proud of myself. 

Finally, it was the time to perform to the Primary students and then family and friends. We had to do three shows, 1 to Year 2,5 &6, 1 to Year 1,3 & 4 and 1 to our family and friends. The first two performances went quite well. But I think the last one was the best. I enjoyed it so much!

I really felt sad at the end as this would be the last play I would be in at YCIS. Some of you may know that I am going to boarding school in England and some of you may not. Well, now you know.

Have you ever been in a play or performance? Have you ever had to leave something you value a lot behind?

If you have please tell me about it by commenting!

On Easter Sunday, my family, my cousins and their mum and dad and my grandparents were in Bali. For Easter Lunch we went to Grocer & Grind. Grocer & Grind is an Austrailian style restaurant. It's very laid back and has comfort food so everyone was happy. After Lunch we walked back to the villa we were staying at, and discovered that the Easter Bunny had came!

Soon, my cousins, my brother and I were running about finding tiny chocolate eggs. There were some Galaxy eggs, some creme eggs, normal milk chocolate eggs, some dark chocolate eggs and some white chocolate eggs.

Every time we found one egg we went to put it in a huge bowl. At the end, the huge bowl was full. When we had found all the eggs, my mum said that we could eat two. I chose to eat one Galaxy egg and on Creme Egg. 

For dinner we stayed in and ate pasta. After the pasta my mum produced a huge chocolate easter egg. It was really big!

What did you do for Easter?

Questions on Going up Eiffel Tower:

Was it fun? Was it scary? Did you have fun? – Agustina

After I got to the top it was really impressive. You could see the whole of Paris! My mum and dad pointed out the sights we would be seeing on the trip. And the best bit was that it was so clear on the day I went up the Eiffel tower. So yes, I did have fun and yes, it was kind of scary!

Do you have any little sister or brother, if so were they also scared?

-       Gaby

I have a little brother (8 years old then) but he was not as scared as me, because he likes trying out weird things and he loves roller-coasters unlike me.

What inspired you to go to the Eiffel Tower? It was tall or not so tall?

-       Nicolas Enrique

I thought about saying I didn’t want to go up the Eiffel Tower using the stairs, but then I thought I had gone up the Tokyo Tower and it wouldn’t be so bad going up the stairs. And plus the view would be amazing and I didn’t want my family to miss this huge opportunity. The view was amazing.

Have this happened to you that you are scared but then you are having so much fun that you forget? – Sylvana

Not really is my answer. Yes, if you count nervousness. Once in PE class we were playing softball and I am really bad at being the batter, I stuck out the first time. But then I was having so much fun cheering on my friends that I soon forgot my nervousness.

Question on Big Pebble Beach:

Was it the clearest beach you have seen? – Gaby

Yes it was. I go to Bali (Indonesia) a lot and the sea there is full of plastic bags and rubbish. Once my dad found a bamboo stick that was taller then him in the water (My dad is 6 foot four).

Questions on Short Story Competition:

How can you have so much creativity? – Valerie

I think it’s because my mum and dad have always encouraged me to try different things and so I got a lot of opinions about different things in the world, and so sometimes when I feel like my opinion is different to some other people I like to write stories about it!

Have you ever been up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? Over the summer I went to Paris and went up the Eiffel Tower.
Now, I am scared out of my wits when it comes to heights, so naturally I wanted to go up in the lifts, but the line for the lifts was 3 hours long! Luckily there was a line that was only 25 minutes long for the steps to viewing platform 1 & 2! Because I am terrified of heights I really didn't want to walk up the steps. Fortunately, the steps didn't take you too high. So I walked up the steps to the first viewing platform and had a melt down. I have no idea how I got to the second viewing platform without crying! Then I had to go up in a lift to the top viewing platform. When I got to the top viewing platform, wow! What a view! You could see the whole of Paris! 

Have you ever conquered a fear before? If so, please tell me!

Every time I get 5 questions or more from your comments I will post a blog post with the questions and answers! So, here are the questions:

Have you known someone with dyslexia? – Gaby

Well not exactly. I’ve read a really good book about a girl with dyslexia and the book made me feel as though I did know the girl.

Do you like princesses? – Jeanie

That’s a hard question! I like reading and learning about actual real-life royalty. So in a way, yes I do like princesses!

Did the ocean look strange with pebbles instead of sand? – Paulina

No, the beach look beautiful even though there was only pebbles. The pebbles glittered in the sunlight! Plus, when you lie down it feels like having a massage!

How did you think of this story? – Nicholas

Well, I was really inspired by a book I had read and decided to write a story. As soon as I had a small idea of what I wanted to write about, everything slotted into place!

What is YCIS? What does it stand for? – Patrick M.

YCIS stands for Yew Chung International School. YCIS is my school!

What inspired you to write this story? Did you get inspired by real life or by other writers? – 5-4 Class

Well, I don’t have dyslexia, and – Anne Bryant, the writer of School Friends series- inspired me with one of her books. I also love books about people with different life stories than me. I love to help people, so in a way I read the book and think of solutions!

What inspired you to write about those topics? – Katherine

As I said before Anne Bryant inspired me with one of her books!





Hi! At school we wrote our own myths! Please read it:

A Test

By: Abi


Chapter 1- Emperor Mao’s Palace

A thousand years ago in ancient Beijing, China, two princesses lived a good life in a dazzling castle. What they didn’t know was that their lives were going to get even better.

“Your father would like to see you, princesses.” the maid said as she bowed and stepped into the princesses room. The room was lit with all the sunlight that was coming though the two huge windows. The pure sunlight make the golden floor look like golden glitter.

“Thank you, tell him we will be there in five minutes.” replied Hong Qiao, the youngest of the two.

Five minutes later, Hong Qiao and her older sister were standing in front of their father, Emperor Mao, Emperor of China.

In front of Emperor Mao stood his two beautiful daughters: His 16 year old daughter Hong Qiao with her silky dark brown hair hanging loose down her back, her attractive big dark brown eyes and charming white-tooth smile. Cho, his eldest daughter (18 years old), had a black bob of hair she wore loose all the time, her tall and sophisticated figure and her cheery closes mouth smile.

“I have called you in front of me to discuss a very important and serious matter, who you shall marry.” Emperor Mao explained.

A deep groan came from Hong Qiao and a long and loud sigh came from Cho. They loved their carefree lives where they could play and work, but not the duty of looking after a husband.

“I will hold a competition to see who is worthy to be your husband. We want someone who can protect you, but has kindness in their heart.”

Both girls sighed deeply. Their father was stubborn, so there no point arguing. Whenever their father thought of something he called a ‘good idea’ he would not give in to anything or anyone. After a bit of whispering, both girls decided to have fun with the planning and not be grumpy though out the whole competition.

And so, the three of them put their heads together and planned.


Chapter 2- Yang Qing


The next day, an 18-year-old boy, named Yang Qing, while walking past courtyards in Beijing spotted the posters the two princesses had put up. He hurried home to his mother. He found his mother sitting on the small bed he shared with her.

“Mother there is a competition to see who can marry the princesses, please may I enter…” Yang Qing said as fast as he could.

Yang Qing knew his mother would say no. His father was at war, so he was the only man in the house. He begged and pleaded for five more minutes and his mother finally gave in.

Just as Yang Qing was hurrying out the door, his mother cried, “Be careful my darling, I love you!”

Chapter 3- The Three Young Men


Two other 18-year-old boys, Kang and Chang, were also going to enter the competition. These two boys were from noble families unlike Yang Qing.

The three boys walked into the antique throne room where they saw Emperor Mao perched on top of his throne, and his two daughters standing next to him.

All three boys were gazing dreamily at the two girls. They all thought that they were the prettiest girls in the whole of China; they had to win the competition.

Emperor Mao smiled to himself: “These three boys were handsome but were their hearts filled with kindness?”

Of course, Hong Qiao and Cho knew the plans for the competition and they were thinking exactly the same thing their father was thinking.

Emperor Mao declared, “You three will set out tomorrow to go to war just outside Beijing. You will lead an army troop to war and if you win the battle you will get to marry my daughter Cho. If you also win you can marry my other daughter Hong Qiao. Now, do not worry, if you don’t win the battle it does not matter. Beijing will not be taken over.

Just as Emperor Mao was talking, Hong Qiao was staring at Yang Qing, she had fallen in love with him!

Chapter 4- Along the Road


The next day the three boys set off on horseback. It would take 3 weeks to get to the place the war was. Just as Yang Qing set off he saw a sobbing little boy who cried out that he had just lost his mother. Yang Qing asked if two other boys had come by and if they helped him. The little boy explained through sobs that they did come by, but only one of them had stopped to ask what was wrong, but only said that he would find his mother. The other boy just galloped off on his horse.

Yang Qing asked, “Where did you last see your mother?”

“A…at the mar…rket! She was buy…ying veg…egta..ables.” the boy managed to say while still sobbing.

“Shh…it’s okay, I’ll help you find her, let’s go to the market then.” Yang Qing whispered while trying to comfort the little boy.

A few minutes later, Yang Qing and the boy were at the market. Suddenly, the boy cried out, “Mother!” Soon they were embracing each other.

The little boy’s mother thanked Yang Qing with all her heart and asked whether she could help him or not. Kang and Chang had enough money to stay in a good inn, but as Yang Qing was poor so he had barely any money. So he asked whether or not he could stay at the little boy’s house. The little boy’s mother agreed almost immediately.

The little boy’s house was small but comfortable. Soon after a delicious dinner, Yang Qing fell asleep on the comfortable straw bed.

The next day, Yang Qing set off bright and early. He thanked the boy’s mother for five minutes then finally left.


 Chapter 5- Still Along the Road


 After two weeks and six days of traveling, Yang Qing had scarcely any money left.

Just as he was passing through the last village, he saw an old lady. Her clothes were torn, she slept on a blanket on the side of the road when there was no money to stay at an inn and she was barefooted.

As Yang Qing passed her, she was begging for money. He stopped, got off his horse and without thinking twice gave her the rest of his money.

He started to gallop off on his horse, when the old lady called him back.

The old lady sobbed, “I cannot take this much money! Thank you so much! I’ll pay for your room! I’ll do some jobs so you can have free dinner!”

“The man is full of kindness I swear he gave me all his money.” She whispered quietly to herself.

Overwhelmed, Yang Qing followed the beggar lady into the inn.

The next day, after a good nutritious breakfast, Yang Qing set off again. Soon enough, he came across some tents.

He had reached the final destination: He was at the Chinese military base.

Chapter 6 - The Battle

As Yang Qing strode down to the tents, he wanted to look confident but really he was feeling unsure about leading the army. Then he spotted a familiar face.

"Father!" Yang Qing yelled at the top of his voice.

"Yang Qing?!" His father yelled back.

Before any one could stop them they were on the ground crying on each others shoulders.

Quickly as anything, someone shouted, "The enemy is invading! Yang Qing must lead us into battle!"

His father looked at him puzzled, "Why are you leading us into battle? If you just come in the army, you are a sol...." The noise drowned Yang Qing's father's voice.

Yang Qing shouted over the noise, "I will explain later!"

Suddenly, the enemy was shooting sharp arrows from all directions. The chinese had huge cannons, they set them off. The battle had begun.

Yang Qing was riding a brown horse and fighting with a silver sword. He was stabbing people with his sword, cutting things in two as he rode by and then he came face to face with the enemy's leader. They jabbed at each other with their swords, ducked and blocked each other’s jabs. Yang Qing all of sudden saw the enemy's leaders weak spot. He had weak armor on his chest. Out of the blue, Yang Qing took out his sword and....

"Wait," Yang Qing thought, " Look at the look on his face it looks frightened. Why should I kill the leader? Just because he's the leader of China's enemy, he might be the leader, but maybe he doesn't want to be the leader. I should show him mercy."

So Yang Qing left him to fight with someone else.

Just as he was fighting with a very skilled swordsman, out of the corner of his eye he saw an explosion, people lying dead on the ground, more sharp arrows and one of the arrows was heading straight towards his fathers back!

Yang Qing jumped off his horse and screamed, "No!" And ran for his life, then flung himself in front of his father and the arrow, instead of hitting his fathers back, hit Yang Qing on the top of his left arm.

That was all he remembered.

Chapter 7- Back at the Palace


Apparently, Yang Qing had hit his head hard on the ground.

He woke up at the palace. This is how he got there: straight after he fell onto the ground, someone heaved him into a carriage and brought him to the doctor. By that time he woke up, but since he hit his head hard on the ground he had concussion.

The doctor then gave him a lot of wine so he would get drunk and slowly fall asleep. Then the doctor fixed his arm. He then rode back to Beijing on a horse, but since he still had concussion (they couldn’t cure it in that time), he couldn’t remember anything.

The Emperor had asked all three boys to come to the palace for one night and so Yang Qing was sent to the palace. Emperor Mao sent for the three boys after breakfast. They came to the throne room and once again Hong Qiao didn’t take her eyes of Yang Qing.

 Emperor Mao hadn’t told his daughters who they were going to marry and Hong Qiao hoped with all her heart that Yang Qing was to be her husband.

“Yang Qing will marry my eldest daughter, Cho!” Emperor Mao boomed.

Cho blushed, there was an uproar coming from the directions of Kang and Chang and Hong Qiao and even more surprisingly, Yang Qing.

“Be quiet! I will answer your questions in a minute. But let me explain: even though Yang Qing lost his battle, he lost the battle because he tried to save someone he loved. He showed kindness to one-and-all. So he may marry Cho. Any questions?” Emperor Mao explained.

Everyone was silent, you could have heard a pin drop.

Emperor Mao continued, “Chang will marry Hong Qiao!”

Hong Qiao looked at Chang and smiled thinking, “He looks handsome, I’m sure I will get used to him.”

“You may go now Kang.” Emperor Mao whispered in Kang’s ear.

Kang stormed out the door fuming. “Why shouldn’t I get to marry one of the princesses? I won my battle unlike Yang Qing,” he thought.

Soon enough both couples were talking nineteen-to-the-dozen. Slowly, Hong Qiao realized that (while half listening to Cho and Yang Qing’s conversation) that Yang Qing and herself had nothing in common, whereas Chang and herself had a lot of things in common. “Oh yes,” Hong Qiao thought, “I am going to love Chang!”

Chapter 8- The Wedding Banquet


That evening, the two couples sent letters to the authorities to ask for permission to be married. The authorities came back at once to say that the two couples may get married at once. When both couples heard this news they hugged, kissed and shouted. They were so loud that Emperor Mao heard them from the other side of the palace and laughed.

“Well, I take that as a ‘yes’ from the authorities.” Emperor Mao thought.

Now came the business of planning the wedding banquet. They chose the time, the place, the invitation, the guests, the tablecloths, napkins, cutlery… and much more.

Finally, the day arrived; both couples were jittery and excited.

Slowly, the evening came. Everyone they invited came. They all had grins from ear-to-ear. The whole party sat down to eat the 12-course dinner. After each course was finished, everyone stood up and yelled, “Cheers!” And the two princesses kissed their new husbands.


Here is a story I wrote for a competition. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to write a story too!

Diary of 2012

By: Abi

6th May 2012

Okay, maybe I said I didn’t need this diary at my thirteenth birthday. And yes, my mum said that every teenage girl needs a diary. I didn’t believe her.

My name is Emma, I have dyslexia and so the last paragraph took me ten minutes to write!

You see, I knew all along that I had dyslexia (it’s been getting worse through the years), but only this year I have been bullied about it. I guess that’s life when you turn thirteen.

I started using this diary because I’m getting a bit scared of Kate (the girl that bullies me all the time!). Kate has reputation for bullying people who are unpopular. I know, I don’t have many friends except a girl called Lucy. She is a really intelligent person unlike me! Anyway, Kate and I used to be best friends until Kate became popular and I didn’t. I personally think she is just bullying me because the ‘Kate Posse’ (popular kids) are making her do it.

Here are some facts you should know about me: My birthday is 20th of March; I live in London and go to school at the London Grammar School; This year I am going to take my exam to go to secondary school.

Three-quarters of the school year is already gone and I am studying hard for my exam. Maybe I can tell you a secret? Swear you wont tell a soul? Okay then. Here goes: My dream is to become a ballerina! My ballet teacher says I am good enough to take the exam to get into the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)! Easy right? Not! To go to the RAD you have to be a straight A student. When I heard that fact I heaved a long, long and long sigh. Because of this I have been studying and practicing ballet like a mad man!

Uh… I write tomorrow, but right now I have to go to bed. My mum insists I go to bed at 9 o’clock every night. I’m thirteen! Someone in my class called Jessica stays up until 1 A.M. some school nights! I wish I were Jessica! On second thoughts, maybe not. She always falls asleep on her desk at school!

10th May 2012

Today was the worst day of school ever! Usually, Kate is always calling me names like: stupid, dumb, dumbo, idiot, and some other things that aren’t that nice. But Kate must have thought that verbal abuse wasn’t enough. Today she kicked me hard in the stomach at swimming ‘by accident’; hit me hard in dance class ‘by accident’ and then ‘by accident’ dropped ice cream on my shirt. I ended up at the nurse twice today and looking like a fool walking home in a shirt covered with ice cream because the nurse didn’t have an extra shirt.

I don’t understand Kate… she’s always hurting me one way or another. Calling me names, making other people call me names, hurting my feelings and hurting me physically.

It’s dinnertime now.  I have to finish my English essay today. Maybe I will finish it before bedtime.

15th May 2012

Kate was teasing me again about that I got more time on the history test (One hour and a half!), because I have dyslexia. Luckily this wasn’t the big test! The big tests (the exams to go to Secondary School), I will get two more hours in the exams!

Anyway, we had history for two periods (50 minutes each period). The test was supposed to be only 1 period but I took the test from 1st period all the way to the end of 3rd period (including the 20 minute break)! Because of the test I missed Art Class. Kate said to me after I finished the test, “We missed you in Art Class. Miss Brown had no one to scold for drawing ugly paintings.” She smiled sweetly and went back to her desk while everyone except Lucy laughed at me.

Oh yeah, I think I won’t have much time in June or July to write, because the big tests will begin in June and the RAD tests will begin in July!

5th June 2012

Lucy is such a good friend! I was having huge trouble with school that she came over everyday to help with my homework. She’s such a great teacher. As I said before she really has a very intelligent brain. But she has an even bigger heart. Yeah, maybe she has braces and wears thick rimmed glasses, but her heart is the best bit. She gives up her time for others and always is there when you need her.

Anyway, she was helping me with my homework when my mother walked in and slipped on the floor and dropped her favorite mug. Lucy immediately took the broom and started to sweep up the mess and I took a cloth and wiped up the tea that had spilled from the cup. Then we went back to my schoolwork.

Lucy is the best teacher I have ever had. I always understand her when she explains things to me. I know this sounds stupid, but when she teaches me I always she things the right way up and in the right order.

I’ll write more tomorrow, but Lucy’s come over now. Guess what she brought with her! A replica of the mug my mum broke! She’s such a kind-hearted soul!

30th June 2012

Today was my English, Math and History test. Tomorrow will be my Geography and Science test. Everybody only took 5 periods to do the test. I took the whole day and had to stay for two more hours after school. I have been studying really hard with Lucy. Luckily, because Kate went home before I finished there were no sly remarks made about me!

Have to go! Lucy’s came to study! She brought me a cupcake!

16th July 2012

Today I auditioned for a place at The Royal Academy of Dance. While I was waiting and stretching before it was my time to audition. I saw Lucy and thought what on earth was she doing there with me? She danced in the same class as me but when our teacher asked her if she wanted to audition she had said no. I called her over to explain and she said in a choking voice, “ I changed my mind a few days ago. I realised that I really couldn’t go to a different school then you so I signed up and came today.” We both hugged each other tightly for a long time.

24th July 2012

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I passed the test and am now going to The Royal Academy of Dance. Lucy took the test for The Royal Academy of Dance and passed too! Kate nearly fainted when she saw my name and then The Royal Academy of Dance next to my name! She came to apologize at the end of lessons. But I don’t need her friendship; I’ve got Lucy’s.

Today, at school we had a fundraiser with 5A (my class) selling drinks and snacks and 5B and 5C teacher bowling and some other games and some snacks.

Our drinks was a hit, as we were the only ones selling drinks, the Capri-Sun's sold out very quickly and the frozen drinks and orange-maid was sold out by the time it finished this morning. I worked at the drinks station and I made the cups of sprite and powder juice. It was a lot of fun and we made around 780 RMB and we are aiming to make that much tomorrow too.

Seeds of Hope is a charity made by YCIS, my school and is to help build schools were children need them.

Wherever you are, give some money to charity or give up some time to help volunteer to do something. Examples: Find an Nursing home, ask to help walk the old people that live there, do some odd jobs around the house for money and donate the money to charity.